Idol Encounters at FNC Entertainment

  • Address: 46 Dosan-daero 85 gil Gangnam-gu (Cheongdamdong 111), Seoul
  • Website:
  • Closest Subway: Apgujeong-rodeo Station
  • Exit: 2
This is the main entrance to FNC Entertainment. There is a back entrance open to a parallel  street, which has a hidden basement parking which left us in awe when we saw how a car is parked.

A Hallyu-themed trip won’t be complete without visiting the celebrities’ entertainment agencies. These are mostly concentrated around the plush district of Gangnam, with SM, JYP, and FNC at walking distance from each other in Cheongdamdong.

Jung Yong Hwa tarpaulin outside the building promoting his first solo album – One Fine Day in 2015

Since my favorite band, CNBLUE introduced my daughter and me to the world of KPop, we found ourselves walking the long stretch of K-Star Road one winter day in February 2015 heading to the FNC Headquarters. We weren’t prepared for the biting cold that greeted us while waiting for any CNBLUE member to arrive. Our visit coincided with Jung Yong Hwa’s first solo album promotions.

When we got there, we saw this white van parked outside so we were so sure someone must be inside the building until we glimpsed Yong Hwa walking inside! Our hands, nose and feet were already feeling numb after more than an hour under -10-degree Celsius temperature. So when Yong Hwa finally came out, all we managed to do was say his name softly and wave to him when he got inside the van. We didn’t even get to take a picture of him. That was a classic example of expectation versus reality. Nevertheless, we walked back to our hostel on a high.

The reality of seeing your idol for the first time – you won’t have time to think whether to say his name out loud, to take his picture, or to ask for an autograph.

On the second time, I went there alone one late autumn evening. I wasn’t so lucky during that time because I guess they were not promoting any album. Luck struck me on my third and fourth visit. One late night in October I was again on my way to FNC with some goodies to give to the boys, just in case I see any of them. I also made sure that I was properly armed for the cold and my stomach full in case I need to wait for hours.


Then they arrived, one at a time…Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun together thru the backdoor, Min Hyuk next, and Jung Shin last. Yong Hwa playfully waved at us from the third floor. Min Hyuk was walking very fast from his car but I managed to take a picture of him. I handed my goodie bag of dried mangoes to Jung Shin, who politely answered “Kamsahamnida”. So, mission accomplished and I headed home only to find out I missed the last train! How I got back to my hotel is another story.

Giant tarp of CNBLUE’s comeback mini-album 7CN with NFlying’s Kwong Kwang Jin’s car parked in front

IMG_6016The most recent strike of luck was during my last visit in early Spring of 2017. This time they were busy with promotions for their comeback in Korea after more than a year. I didn’t have to wait that long when Jong Hyun arrived. I didn’t recognize the car he was in but upon hearing one of the fans say “Jong Hyun”, I immediately ran to a vantage position very near the entrance gate. And like a shining star of the night, he was all smiles as he stepped down from the car. I was able to take an eight-second video of him as he passed by right in front of me. That was the signal for me to go home.

Screencap from the 8-second video I took of Lee Jong Hyun as he entered the building

Waiting for your idol in front of their agency is an experience every fangirl must have. You get to meet fans from different parts of the globe, some are friendly, some are snobbish, some are loud while some are shy. But sharing the same love and admiration for CNBLUE was what brought us all together.

How to Get There

Take the Bundang Line to Apgujeong-rodeo Station and look for Exit 2. Be prepared to walk the long stretch of K-Star Road, where the “Gangnamdols” (a play on the words Gangnam and Idols) are located.


With my favorite Gangnamdol


Once you reach the end of the road, turn left to Dosandaero. Take another left after you see the street sign that says Dosandaero 83. Continue walking along a one-way street until you reach FNC building to your right.

Jung Yong Hwa flags promoting his solo album along K-Star Road posts

Recently, I learned that you don’t need to walk all the way down to the end of the road. Once you reach Block B’s Gangnamdol, turn left at Apgujeong-ro 77 gil. Follow the road then turn right at the first intersection. Keep going then turn left at the third street. FNC is a few meters away to your right.


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