CNBLUE Jong Hyun’s Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe

  • Address: Sillim-dong, Gwanak District, Seoul 1432-7
  • Closest Subway: Sillim Station
  • Exit: 6

After the filling lunch at CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk’s grill restaurant, we headed straight to another idol-owned establishment for dessert – CNBLUE’s lead guitarist Lee Jong Hyun’s Sulbing Dessert Cafe near Sillim Station.

Sulbing is a popular dessert cafe all over Korea that specializes in bingsu, a Korean dessert similar to the Philippines’ halo-halo, which comprises of shaved ice, milk, and a variety of sweet toppings like beans and fruit, served with sweet syrup.

Matcha-flavored bingsu and the seasonal strawberry bingsu

 How to Get There

From Sillim Station Exit 6, turn left. Then walk straight you will see a building that has been under construction since 2015, so don’t be alarmed by it. Walk straight ahead until you reach Olive Young to your left. This used to be Tom-Tom’s Coffee and the second time I went there, I looked for the landmark and was a bit lost because it’s now gone. Olive Young took its place.

The cafe is on the second floor. The stairs leading to the cafe looks like this.


Inside the Cafe

The cafe exudes a sophisticated and modern vibe with its contemporary interior design. Posters and framed pictures of Lee Jong Hyun are displayed at strategic locations. There is also a framed picture of Kim Woo Bin which was taken when he visited the cafe. Jong Hyun and Woo Bin both starred in the drama Gentleman’s Dignity.

The drama series Pinnochio (starring Lee Jong Suk and Jong Hyun’s friend Park Shin Hye) also filmed some scenes here as well as an episode of We Got Married, with Jong Hyun and his virtual wife Seung Yeon.


The cafe not only sells bingsu but also different kinds of coffee and tea, health drinks (like the one I ordered), and mouth-watering pastries.  The crowd consists mainly of working class women holding meetings and college students cramming for exams. The only employees I see are the ones manning the counter since it’s a CLAYGO cafe. I would love going back here for the cozy atmosphere, clean surroundings, and of course having a matcha while listening to K-Pop music.



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