At Least Once a Year Catch a Sunrise

For me, the best place to stay in Busan is at Haeundae. It’s literally a stone’s throw away from the beach where one can catch the glorious sunrise. Without a proper breakfast, I slowly inched my way to the main boulevard leading to the beach. It was still dark and there weren’t too many people walking around because of the cool October weather maybe.

img_1985These sculptures are to the left side of the beach. I don’t know what they are but they look like giant chairs made of native material like bamboo to me.

fullsizeoutput_1a36The sky turned slowly from a fiery orange-red to a lighter yellowish-gray color.

img_2012Two seabirds walked along the beach careful not to get wet as the sun showed itself on the horizon. This scene will be forever etched in my mind. If I could stay here for a month, I wonder if I would ever get tired of watching a perfect scene like this.

img_2020Here comes the sun! It’s past six o’clock and the beach is now fully lit with a bright orange-yellow glow. Everyone seems wide awake now for I found more people and seabirds as I walked along the sand. Waking up early for this is absolutely rewarding. One should at least once a year catch a sunrise. It makes you happy!



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