Sagada: Things to Do

A trip to Sagada means a lot of walking and exploring above and below the ground so a certain level of fitness is needed to truly enjoy the sights and make the most of one’s stay. A 3-day 2-night itinerary is enough to cover the must-do activities but if one wants to do more and go beyond the usual, a longer stay is recommended.

My Top 10 Things To Do

1. Complete the Cave Connection


2.  Trek to Bomod-ok Falls (Big Falls)

3. Climb Mt. Ampacao

4. See the Hanging Coffins at Echo Valley

5. Walk Along the Rice Terraces

6. Hike to Pongas Falls

7. Watch the Sunrise at KIltepan

(Image credits: Viva Filipinas)

8. Catch a Glimpse of A Wild Horse in Marlboro Country

9. Try the Yogurt and Eat Lemon Pie

10. Topload



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