Sagada: Where to Stay

Most of the accommodations are basic, which include a bed with a common or shared bathroom. Prices range from P400 – P500 per head per night. The Rock Inn, which is farther away from town is pricier but is best when one wants quiet moments either alone or with loved ones.

The receiving area of the Rock Inn

The Sagada Genuine Guides Association (SAGGAS) has a complete and updated list of all accommodations in Sagada including their contact numbers.

In the three times I’ve visited Sagada, I have stayed in only two inns namely: St. Joseph’s Rest House and The Yellow House. The first is on a hill to the right when one arrives town. It has dorm rooms with shared bathrooms for P500 per person and cottages for bigger groups and families from P1700 – P3500.

When we stayed here in 2006, we had a limited budget so we had to stay at the dorm rooms. The place is clean and quiet, and we were allowed to use the living room for socials. The disadvantage of a dorm room is there is no hot nor warm water available, a must when you’re in Sagada! So we endured the cold water during our entire stay.

There is a nice restaurant that can accommodate a big group for conferences. We had our dinners here because we didn’t have time to cook and we wanted to enjoy every minute of our stay.

Reservations and inquiries can be made with Julia Abad (0927 236 0344).
A smaller and more homey place to stay is the Yellow House. I got a room for P500 with breakfast included and hot water available all day. There are a few dining tables and souvenir items on the first floor while the four rooms are all in the second floor.

Living room in the second floor

My bedroom for 2 nights has a single bed and a wide window.

The advantage of staying in the Yellow House is that it is right in the middle of town and very near some of the more popular places to eat like The Yogurt House, which is just across the street, and the Lemon Pie House, farther down the road. It also sells different varieties of wines.

I hope there will be a wine-tasting next time around.
The bugnay (bignay) wine is great!

Souvenir items abound

During my latest trip to Sagada, I met Gawani who owns this place called Gaia. It is located outside town on the way to the caves. It offers vegetarian meals and the best coffee in town.
One can sit and relax with a good book taken from the shelf display, enjoy a hot cup of brewed coffee and simply enjoy the view of the mountains and beyond.

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